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A really good friend told me that I am an anomaly, not like any other other girl.  The comment was very much appreciated and confirmed something I have always known.  I have always relished being different, its kind of my thing.  Its a truth that I have lived and something I cultivated daily.

(Dress Details are in the read more section)

My friend was completely correct, I am an anomaly, unlike any other girl. I am not a spark or a flame but a firework. I light up any place I enter, bringing joy and light. I am still growing, in training if you will. I am learning not to be unsettled with “looks”, eye rolls and even frowns.  Nor will I dim my light to allow others to shine.  It is one things to be arrogant and conceited;  it is completely another to be highly qualified and confident.  The difference is whether you are willing to learn something new and be humble in and through the process.

There is always room for improvement and reinvention of self.  You must understand that we have and become what we say; therefore we should be consistently speaking life over ourselves, situations, friends and our family .  I have witnessed wonderful people talk themselves down to elevate others.  STOP that, it is completely irrational. There is never a reason to deny your greatness to build others up.  The planet has enough room for all of us to shine.  My lessons in empowering others are plucked from life experiences.  I am thankful for the people I am meeting.  I would count it a travesty if I did not recount this experience:  I was particularly in awe when I asked questions of a business owner about how to start a business similar to hers.   Instead of this young lady giving me the run around, she opened her mind and heart and poured into me without hesitation.

This young lady is a FIREWORK, she is willing to pay forward her wisdom because she is confident and generous; she knows that we win more by working together rather than against each other!  I have the utmost respect for Shonta and always will, she is a definitely a member of my “Girl Power” Circle.  The “Girl Power” Circle is a set of women who are empowering others as they move up and become greater.  They are mentors and role models who are at various places in life but still share their light with those around them.

This blog gives me the opportunity to pass a spark to you.  Moving forward you should turn that spark into a flicker, that flicker into a flame and that flame in to a FIREWORK.  I am charged with empowering and motivating others, this is something we all should do.  You may ask, how?  Sometimes we feel like we have to be at our very best to start speaking life into others, that is not true.  Those that need motivation need to see others with similar struggles, they need to witness faith in action.  I draw motivation from others that show me their faith to continue when everything says quit.

Loving it!!!
This is Love

You can start motivating others today.  Start by knowing who you are, loving you (all of you), being positive and speaking life. Then listen intently, respond with care and understand that we grow at different rates and some may need more empowerment than others.  Most importantly, never forget to care for yourself an empty vessel can not pour what it does not possess.


Deets on the Dress

Lets talk about this dress!!  I ordered the dress in a 3X, it has high splits up side and a surplice top.  So you may be wondering why I have pants on?  Well, when you are a curvaceous pear like I am, everything fits up top and the bottom is always tricky.  I fell completely in love with this piece so I had to figure out a way to wear it.  You know the whole, “when life gives you hips, you flaunt them!” 😂😂😂 I totally made that up, but that is my motto!

I chose black jeans and a bralette (very hot for summer) , but there are many ways that you can wear this piece!  You know that pool party you have coming up and you don’t necessarily want the world to see all of your BEAUTIFUL CURVES this dress provides the perfect option and it gives you an opportunity to vary the swim suit you wear underneath.  If you have a sexy date night and you really want to turn up the heat pair this dress with some fishnets and super high heels,  but Beauty beware, you will definitely feel the breeze!  This outfit is sure to turn heads and raise temperatures.  You can mix it up any way you like,  do what makes you feel beautiful and confident. Do you and make it gorgeous!

Spark a flicker into a flame and create a FIREWORK!

Do Beautiful Things
Outfit detail posted on IG❣️@DoBeautiful.Things
Makeup & Style: Shakira
Photos by: C. Victoria

2 thoughts on “Firework

  1. Missy, you are working that outfit. Love how confident you are in your skin. You are ,have always been different. Your own person. Not a clone ,ollow the leader type. You were the leader

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