Florals and Thick Thighs 

Hello Beauties and Beaus💋:

Spring is flirty, fun, full of florals and for this girl, it is full of audacious thick thighs!

HELLO WORLD: This floral pencil skirt fits in all the right places and is ultra comfortable.

I must have clothes that can go the extra mile: dress/casual or in between.  This piece can be easily paired with a blazer or tee depending on the mood.  The material is great for mobility; shake and go.

I generally have skirts that fall below the knee, it gives me a long, leaner look.  I stepped out of my box just a bit but I loved every minute of it.  I didn’t allow my curves to be hindered and neither should you. Wynn Style Boutique does it again! This company offers versatile fashion for all ages.  The sizes range for XS – 3X theres is definitely something for everyone.

At some point you must decide for yourself who you are and who you will become. (A paraphrase) ~Juan (Moonlight).


I didn’t hold fast to my firm rule for pencil skirts; 2 to 3 inches below the knee and I am absolutely fine with it.  I have what my grandmother would call “gams” , that extra shapeliness in the legs and thighs.  I felt sexy and fun in my pencil skirt and I am earnest about not letting any one take that away from me.  If you don’t like it… don’t look. PERIOD, end of story.  So many woman are struggling to love what they see in the mirror and much of that comes from the environment that they have been exposed to.   I know you have heard it a million times: WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY THAT DOES NOT ACCEPT “FAT” PEOPLE!  We are all fully aware… now can we all me forward! 🙄

In a world of BMI charts (which is a grossly antiquated measure) and wonder drugs to fix being fat… there are bullies, trolls and horrible people in general who are destroying beauty of self daily. We must take our image back, learn to love what you see in the mirror at whatever place we are in the journey.  You get to decide whether you will be fat forever or you will shed pounds.  I am always  laughing at the comment section doctors who can diagnose my health just by looking solely at a picture.  It’s sad and comical.

The road to accepting and becoming who you are can be so many things depending on your journey.  Everyone has a story and a nightmare.  The internet is full of body acceptance and body shaming; sometimes you have to turn everything off and learn to find greatness in who you are. If you need to get healthy do so, by no means am I saying keep unnecessary weight to remain curvy.  I have been on a journey for a number of years, I will never quit but I also will not allow anyone to make me feel terrible about who I am or how I look.  My mother did an amazing job of instilling self-esteem, can do and greatness in me.  I am unstoppable, I have a beautiful heart and I am capable of love even when it’s a disaster, I still believe.

  • You will not be accepted by EVERYONE. Got it?  Great, now get ready to move toward self acceptance.
  • What other people think of you is none of your business.
  • There will be amazing days and other days will be hell.
  • You must keep moving forward.
  • Keep trying, never give up.
  • Not everyone will applaud your choices or your confidence.
  • Love and accept yourself, you are the only person that matters.

Learn to love every part of you: your smile, your genius, your talent.  If you have not encountered what’s amazing about you; journey, dig deep and find your niche.  Go after your greatness vigorously, without compromise and by all means be undefined except by your own definition.  Personally, I have a troll that says NO on every picture I post and one who is convinced I have “King’s Hawaiian Rolls on my back”… 😂😂😂I hope you laugh because I sure did and do. If someone takes the time to click on my picture, press the comment button and write a dissertation on how I am promoting being obese and I am fat, this, that and the third…then so be it.🤷🏾‍♀️  Apparently I am doing something right because they wasted minutes of their life to try to dim my light.  Thank you!!!  Beauties and Beau’s I beg of you to love yourself, enjoy your life and be completely amazing, it is in you! Find it, own it and shine beauty on the ugly of the world by loving yourself.




Do Beautiful Things

Outfit detail posted on IG❣️@DoBeautiful.Things

Makeup & Style: Shakira

Photos by: C. Victoria


8 thoughts on “Florals and Thick Thighs 

  1. Hey there beautiful. I love ur blog. I may just b a bit prejudice. I’ve watched u go fr baby to the beautiful strong, confident, accomplished young woman u’ve become.
    Keep putting those positive vibes out there. There is someone that is getting stronger bc of ur words.
    Love u, Godmother J

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