Time = Commodity

Hello Beauties and Beauxs💋:

Having recently embarked on the chapters of 2017, I have found myself considering 2016 and the biggest thing that stands out to me is TIME.
2016 was year of “let’s not waste each other’s time.” It was posted everywhere: on pages, cute memes, funny memes, on stories, everywhere! I was all for it, excited about it and even posted it. However, after careful consideration I have decided that I was sadly mistaken.

Time is a commodity; precious and irreconcilable. It is to be handled with the precision of a surgeon’s knife, delivered gently as a museum would a Basquiat and paid out as if it were worth billions. Time never stops and one should never treat even a second frivolously. Therefore it is imperative that we stop putting the unqualified and irresponsible in the CEO position of our time. 

I declare that I will longer waste MY time, in every aspect of my life. There are so many demands on our lives but we must learn how to carve out time to fuel our dreams, create, be entrepreneurial, learn how to be single/ in a relationship and take a few deep breaths. This list sounds insurmountable although it’s super short, I have not even mentioned networking, curating our friendships, family, children…👀😧

There is much to be done and we must learn to maximize every minute. I am learning to be intentional with my time.  I am still learning but here are some things that I have learned.  

Relationship time

  • Know your worth it sounds so cliche but this statement is exponential. (There will be a part two) 
  • Stick to your standards
  • Do not make excuses for poor behavior 
  • Never lose sleep over someone who is not losing sleep over you.
  • Do not allow your emotions to make you illiterate, blind or inarticulate.
  • Be uncompromising about your standards 
  • Be strong enough to walk away from situations that rob you of your time

Work Time

  • Get the most out of your work time, this keeps you from staying late and being able to do more in your day
  • Set boundaries that you can live with
  • Learn more so that you increase your work worth and advance
  • Get mentored by those who have a winning attitude and productive nature.

Your Time

  • Value and guard your time 
  • Cultivate your dreams; each day you should be working on something that in creases your personal value
  • Enjoy your friends and family 
  • Girl, go get your nails done ( I always past my two weeks 🙄, poor nail techs🤦🏾‍♀️)
  • Do your make up
  • Find the silver lining in every situation
  • Celebrate your strengths, identify your weaknesses and work on them
  • Self evaluation is the most important part of becoming who you desire to be.

You must look in the mirror and have tough conversations with yourself. We often get upset about how people have treated us but many of us fail to identify the areas where we should have advocated better for ourserlves. People will only do what you allow. People will only treat you with the expectations you set. 

  • So, identify your standards, be unrelentless about your standards 
  • Define your desired relationship outcomes
  • Refuse to stay where you are tolerated but not celebrated
  • Leave one sided relationships 
  • Remember your time is your most precious commodity

Allow your lessons to come from a better place, not a bitter place.




Do Beautiful Things

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