Sky High & Hair

Hello Beauties and Beauxs💋,

So I went a little crazy with the pictures in the last post.  I couldn’t choose my favorites and I can’t promise that it won’t happen again, :)!  I found a print I wanted to play with, this  two piece sweater set is comfortable, classy and versatile. The set does run a little, I have ample space and comfort in this ensemble.

I rarely change the color of my hair but I wanted to try something new.  I did and I love it, I must play with color more often.  This look can easily go from work to play or with switch of shoes it could be comfy casual.  Have a little fun!

Never allow anyone to stifle your style, curb your creativity or tilt your crown.  I urge you to have fun in closet, try something new.  I did and it was major fun!



Do Beautiful Things

Outfit detail posted on IG❣️@Dobeautiful.Things

Makeup by Shakira, Do Beautiful Things


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