Jazmine Sullivan Concert

Hello Beauties and Beaus:

I had the opportunity to see Jazmine Sullivan LIVE!!! On a beautiful Tuesday night 4/14/15 in Miami, Jazmine Sullivan ascended on the Jackie Gleason Theatre and served love, peace and happiness.  The reality show album is one that I have listened to song by song savoring every note.


If you get the opportunity….go see Jazmine!!! She was so awesome; real and personal.  I cried and danced; I released somethings….


Everyone left the show  on cloud nine, people were smiling at each other, others were singing and I was floating.  The show was intimate with one energetic opening act and without haste, Jazmine blessed the stage….  A bless us, she did!!!  The experience is imprinted in my heart and I am now and even bigger fan!!


I can’t say enough great things about the band, back up singers and the melodious voice of Jazmine Sullivan…  The Reality Show Tour!!!  Perfection.

The OOTN from that night will follow… stay tuned…


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