Curvy and Uncoupled: Be Prepared

Girl you are the worth work… Make him work for you before you give him the benefits of being with a queen like you…

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The most important part of being single is that it allows you to prepare.  You can’t prepare for a test while taking the test.  That means you study, research and get ready to do well on the test, in advance.  The same applies to your relationship.

Make a declaration: I want a great, fulfilling relationship, I want to be a great wife/girlfriend/friend

Know who you are.  Embrace it.

We don’t become a part of relationship to become whole.  The whole person that you are becoming in this process will join another whole person and the two of you will grow together and become something greater.  Everything that you need to be whole, you already possess.  It is time to activate the greatness that so many of us try to hide from others.

Connect to something greater than yourself.  Mediate, pray, do yoga.  Prayer is my choice it allows me to connect to a higher power.  I can vent and verbalize through prayer, the things that I don’t desire to say to other people.  Using these methods will help you while you are single but it will always strengthen you and your relationship.

Smile, you could be meeting your future husband.  When you look up and find that you have caught someone’s eye, smile instead of looking quickly away.  Your smile shows you have an openness and invites others to your beautiful spirit.

My granny always taught us when you look good, you feel good.  So get up and put a little or a lot of time into how you look.  A little mascara is a life saver and it helps your outside appearance  be just as beautiful as your inside.  Be ready for your future by preparing today.

Choose to be happy.  You can wallow in despair or pick yourself up and move forward.

Be 100, a whole, fulfilled person.  Lasting, formidable relationships are comprised of two 100% people giving 110% to the relationship, each other and growing together.

Curvy & Single is a blessing.  It is an opportunity to get in touch with who you are, so you can set the pace and path of the relationship you seek.  When you become coupled you will only become better together.   Your journey of exploration will yield a greater result.

Try it.                                     Embrace it.                          Respect the process.                                       Love you.

Be Curvy and Uncoupled… Until.

Move Forward Curvy Girl.


“Beautiful Curvy Diva”

Do Beautiful Things

If you are struggling with being single, here are some things to consider, from the beautiful Shalanda Leigh

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