Curvy and Uncoupled: Set your standards

Be FINE with being single: Set your standards

If you are a person who struggles with being alone then you must figure out how to be by yourself.

We can make all kinds of excuses and rationalizations about our situation or we can choose to do something to change it.  You can settle or be single and get better.

Excuse #1 Being single is  boring – Find something to do: read a book or three, get back in touch with your friends, organize that closet you are always hiding stuff in when you have unexpected visitors. 🙂

Reframe your thinking.  Being single does not have to be a curse; however you must find a way to be FINE with being single and waiting for the prize instead of someone who will waste your time.

Excuse #2 Being single is lonely – Find events and activities to participate in.  If you are hiding at home it is real hard for someone to see you or for you to pique someone’s interest.  A hair bonnet and ratty sweat pants are not particularly the best way to attract the guy of your dreams, unless he is into that kind of thing!

GET OUT, DO SOMETHING.  Go just to enjoy yourself and the possibilities will be endless.

Your singlehood is an opportunity to get in touch with who you truly are and who you will become.  Read books on a variety of topics, treat yourself (massages, vacations, concerts…), take classes that interest you.  Whatever you choose to do, these moments will give you a better answer for the question what do you like to do?  Where is the most interesting place you have been?

Be bold, uncoupled and fearless; when you can go to events or dinner, alone you begin to shatter the barrier of fear and building your confidence.  Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can ever wear, remember that.  You are not single because of what you are not, you are single because of what you are.  You are beautiful, worthy and waiting for the best that is written in your destiny.  You are single because you are purposed for greater and settling would be less that you are designed to be.  You are creating and maintaining your standards list.  You know who you are; you know what you want.  Above all else: DO NOT SETTLE.  You are worth so much more.

Be Curvy and Uncoupled… Until.

Move Forward Curvy Girl.


“Beautiful Curvy Diva”

Do Beautiful Things


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