Do Beautiful Things Styling: Strong…

They say, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”…. Just call me Iron Woman 🙂 I have never been concerned with being “skinny” but for various reasons I have always wanted to or needed to be strong.  As I mature, I am becoming wiser!! IMG_2910 IMG_2908 IMG_2913 IMG_2919

Let’s be clear

IMG_2923 IMG_2914 IMG_2909

Tribal Prints really resonated with me this year and pairing them with a fringed tee, completed the statement I wanted to make.

Style Details:

Tribal print Joggers – Citi Trends

Fringe Graphic Tee – Citi Trends

Shoes – It’s Fashion

Necklace – Citi Trends

Bracalet – Gifted (Thanks Mom)


Beautiful Curvy Diva

“Do Beautiful Things”

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